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Why Beets Taste Like Dirt, Plus a Smoothie Bowl Recipe

The hot topic on everyone's mind, why do beets taste like dirt?

With beets, you either love them or hate them because of their interesting (sometimes undesirable) taste profile which includes the distinct, earthy notes that, let's be honest, reminds most of us of dirt.

When we look at it from a science perspective, the simple explanation is that the flavor of beets comes from geosmin, which is a compound found in soil and is responsible for the earthy flavor.

Beets also contain high levels of minerals which can contribute to the flavor profile. While the flavor of beets is unique, many people enjoy the sweet and earthy taste that it has.


What is the best way to mask the dirt taste of beets?

One of the best ways to mask the dirt taste of beets is to pair it with a sweeter flavor. Try adding some honey, maple syrup, or agave to the beets when cooking them.

You can also pair the cooked beets with other savory ingredients like bacon, onion, or garlic to balance out the sweetness. Additionally, adding a sprinkle of herbs like basil or thyme can help to bring out the natural sweetness of the beets.


What's your Favorite Way to Eat or Drink Beets?

One of our goals with BEETS+ was to make a beet root drink that people love, and that didn't taste like dirt. We've had so many wonderful customers share with us how they use BEETS+ to make smoothies, drinks and other recipes.

One of our favorites is this deliciously simple recipe that foodie and recipe creator Sarah Holloway shared with us, which definitely made us crave a smoothie bowl!

Add one scoop of Beets+ and a handful of ice to :

  • 75g Frozen Blueberries
  • 40g Frozen Strawberries
  • 30g Frozen Blackberries
  • 120g your favorite milk or juice (she suggests almond milk)

Top with fresh fruit, honey and granola and ENJOY!


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